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The Decima Engine or Decima is a game engine developed by Danish software house Guerilla Games. It is best known for its use in Killzone: Shadow Fall, Until Dawn, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League and Horizon Zero Dawn. Optimized for the PlayStation 4 system it is currently use for the upcoming game Death Stranding.

Development Edit

In the beginning the game engine, created by Guerrilla Games, did not yet have a name when it was used to create Killzone: Shadow Fall[1], the first of the Killzone series for the Playstation 4. In June 2015, Guerrilla announced that their new project would use the same technology of Shadow Fall, slightly modified, that game was the Action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn.[2] The same year, in August, the same technology, but heavily modified with Havok physics, was also used for the video game developed by Supermassive Games, Until Dawn.[3] On December, Until Dawn's spin-off for the PlayStationVR, Unil Dawn: Rush of Blood again used the Decima engine and Havok physics.[4]
Decima box

The wooden box containing their engine's source code

In June 2016, game director Hideo Kojima, working with Sony on his new project Death Stranding for PlayStation 4, announced that he was looking for a new game engine for the game, among which possible candidates was that of Guerrilla.[5] At the The Game Awards 2016, in December, the choosen game engine was shown in action on a Death Stranding trailer with a logo entitled "Decima" at the end of it.[6] On December 3, during PlayStation Experience, Kojima officially announced the partnership with Guerrila Games to use the engine for development, officially titled Decima, and had been given the source code with no "contractual obligation".[7][8]

Meaning of the Name Edit


Dejima Island

The name "Decima" was chosen in reference to Dejima, an artificial island on the coast of Nagasaki known for its Dutch freight yard, during the Seventeenth Century. For a long time, the Dutch was the only foreign state authorized to trade with Japan in the Edo Period. Kojima told how Guerrila gave him the source code of the engine, as a gift, inside a USB key contained in a wooden box, and for this he wanted to honor the exchange, with the name "Decima", symbolizing the collaboration between his Japanese studio, and that of the Dutch studio Guerrillas Games, for the development and contribution to improve the game engine.[9]

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director & Co-founder of Guerrilla Games, also mentioned Decima, the Roman goddess of childbirth, as an influence on the engine's chosen name, due specifically to her relationship with creativity.[10]

Games that utilize Decima Edit

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Until Dawn
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Death Stranding

Features Edit

Decima is a game engine that has Artificial Intelligence systems, an integrated physical sistem and logics tools and features as well as the resources for creating entire worlds. It is also able to support 4K Resolution and the use of High Dynamic Range Imaging. Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games collaboration has lead to constant wide-ranging improvements being made to the engine and circulated between the two studios.

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