Type: Privately held
Slogan: "From Sapiens to Ludens"
Industry: Designer and publisher of consumer entertainment software.
Founded: December 16, 2015
Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Staff: ~100[1]

Kojima Productions Co., Ltd. (often shortened to KojiPro) is a privately held Japanese video game development studio, initially founded as a Konami subsidiary in 2005 by Hideo Kojima. In 2015, Kojima Productions temporarily disbanded following company restructuring at Konami. In December of the same year, Kojima's employment contract with Konami was officially terminated. He would then go on to re-incorporate Kojima Productions as an independent development studio. The staff count of the reformed studio is approximately 100, allowing for peak efficiency and developer coherence.[1]

In developing Death Stranding, Kojima Productions has formed a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, who will act as the publisher of the game.

Company messageEdit

From Sapiens to Ludens

We are Homo Ludens(Those who play).

From the moment we enter this world,
we instinctively invent ways to have "fun",
and share our inventions with those around us.
We are not asked to do this,
nor do we need reasons to create.
It is simply who we are.

We find one another and compete with one another.
We laugh together and cry together;
all while playing together.
Our experiences bind us and liberate us.
To share our most valuable experiences,
we create stories, invent tools, and evolve the art of play.
Play has been our ally since the dawn of civilization.

"Playing" is not simply a pastime,
it is the primordial basis of imagination and creation.
Truth be told, Homo Ludens(Those who Play) are
simultaneously Homo Faber(Those who Create).

Even if the earth were stripped
of life and reduced to a barren wasteland,
our imagination and desire
to create would persevere beyond survival,
it would provide hope that flowers may one day bloom again.
Through the invention of play, our new evolution awaits.

We are Homo Ludens. We are those who play.


Further information: Ludens

Ludens, mascot of Kojima Productions

Ludens is the Kojima Productions company icon and mascot.[2] Yoji Shinkawa was the principal designer of Ludens, having formulated the overall design and idiosyncrasies of the mascot. Ludens wears an "extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit", and often carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo – which is based off himself. He is prominently featured in a video titled "Kojima Productions logo movie", where he treks into the unknown of space and plants the studio flag into uncharted lunar ground.


  • Following the studio's reformation, Kojima Productions is indeed now an entirely different entity than the late Konami subsidiary. The studio now perceives itself as a new developer and even refers to Death Stranding as its first game.
  • Hideo Kojima has stated that the English developer Media Molecule influenced him most during Kojima Productions' reformation period.[1]


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