"We are Homo Ludens. Whe are those who play."
– From Hideo Kojima Message

Kojima Productions Co., Ltd.  is a Japanese video game development studio re-founded by Hideo Kojima. Initially a subsidiary of Konami, established in 2005, the original studio was disbanded in late 2015, as development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was near completed[3], following company restructuring at Konami.


Konami EraEdit

For an accurate report on the Konami era, see here.

Indipendent ReformationEdit

After Kojima's employment contract with Konami terminated, he re-incorporate Kojima Productions as an independent development studio and, in December 16, 2015, Kojima offically announced the new company in conjunction with a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to developer a brand new game for the PlayStation 4.[4] In Gennuary 2017, the staff count of the reformed studio was approximately 100, allowing for peak efficiency and developer coherence.[5] On May 15, 2016, Kojima revealed that the character on the new Kojima Productions logo was called "LUDENCE"[6], later renamed "LUDENS".[7]

At Sony's E3 2016 Conference,[8] Kojima revealed, with a teaser trailer[9], his new game, Death Stranding. In July 23, the company's logo movie was posted on their Youtube channel. In October 02, Kojima took the development team of Death Stranding to visit the Meguro Parasitological Museum, with the purpose of showing his staff members how fundamental parasites are to our ecosystem.[10]

During the PlayStation Experience 2016, Kojima show a second trailer revealing the use of Decima, the in-house engine of Danish software house Guerrilla Games, and that a satellite team of Kojima Productions was installed at Guerrilla Games, to further facilitate collaboration between the two studios in improving the engine.[11][12]

On Sept 23, Kojima Productions reveal that Hideo Kojima and the cast members of the Japanese version of Death Stranding will be at Tokyo Game Show 2018.[13]

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Title Platform(s) Year
Death Stranding PlayStations 4 2019[14]

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