Ludens, mascot of Kojima Productions

Ludens[1] is the Kojima Productions company icon and mascot.[2] He wears an "extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit", and often carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo – which is based off Ludens himself. Ludens is prominently featured in a video titled "Kojima Productions logo movie", where he treks into the unknown of space and plants the studio flag into uncharted lunar ground.

Yoji Shinkawa was the principal designer of Ludens, having formulated the overall design and idiosyncrasies of the mascot. Ludens' design has a high tech feel, giving him a nostalgic ambiance. The surface of his EVA suit has "Turing pattern"-like elements that slightly rotate, inspired by the Turing machine. Additionally, his skull mask has human fossil and armor visor motifs.[3]

Involvement in Death StrandingEdit

It has been said that the default face model behind Ludens' mask is none other than that of a digitally scanned Hideo Kojima.[4] However, when asked about the identity of the icon, Kojima responded, "That's everyone, that's us, that's the users, that's each one of us wearing that skull mask."[5] On a related note, Kojima has also described Norman Reedus' character in a similar manner, assuring that gamers wouldn't simply be playing as Reedus, but would become him.[6] Additionally, the word "Bridges" can be observed on Ludens' left shoulder pad in a sketch of the mascot.

Kojima has ultimately stated that Ludens is merely the icon and mascot of Kojima Productions, and is not featured as a character in Death Stranding.[4]


  • Kojima Productions' company message mentions a race of beings called "Homo Ludens" (those who play).
  • Ludens are a fictional race of distinct humanoid beings in the novel The Time Wanderers. They are said to be superior to average humans, possessing advanced latent mental abilities and morality superseding that of the general human species.


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