"I make deliveries. That's all."

Sam Bridges is the main protagonist of Death Stranding.

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Sam possesses, like the Unnamed Woman 01, an unknown factor called DOOMS, specifically the extinction factor,[2] wich probably gave him some mysterious “unique” abilities. The first one is the ablity to "sense" the Mysterious Entities,[3] manifesting itself as a form of rash on his skin; the second one occur when he die: he can wander outside his body in a sort of "upside-down world", where he can freely navigate and than return in his body, transported back to the world of the living.[4] When Sam is "eat" by one of the Mysterious Entities, it will trigger a "voidout", causing a crater in the area that will remain even when he return in the world.[5]

Contrarily to the Unnamed Woman 01, he can't see the Mysterious Entities but thanks to the baby pod he can see them through the fout-point shoulder-mounted robotic device.

Sam is also differently afflicted by the Timefall than most other lifeforms, probably due to the ingestion of the Cryptobiote.

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Sam likeness, voice, motion capture, and even the tatoo on his right inner bicep, was provided by American actor Norman Reedus.[6] During TGS 2018 stage was revealed Kenjiro Tsuda as the Japanese voice of Sam.[7]

During a podcast with Dan Fogle, Norman Reedus talk about Sam revealing that he as "phobia of being touched, and as you play the game the phobia leaves you".[8]

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