"You're too late. You still don't know who I am, do you?"
Lindsay's character to Sam Bridges.[1]

This Unnamed Woman is a character in Death Stranding.

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She appeared for the first time in the E3 2018 trailer, where she is briefly seen in the same place of the Sony's E3 2016 Conference. Her likeness, voice, and motion capture is provided by well known American actress Lindsay Wagner.

The necklace she wears, made up of beads of different sizes, share similarities with the Quipu, an annotation system based on the use of ropes and knots employed by the ancient civilizations of South America, such as the Inca. In November 25, 2017, Kojima goes to an exhibition on the Andes populations, suggesting a link.[2]

During TGS 2018 stage was revealed Kikuko Inoue as the Japanese voice of the character.[3] Inoue provided the Japanese voices of Rosemary, Karen Hojo, The Boss, Sunny Emmerich, and Chico in the Metal Gear series.

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