The uncanny world of Death Stranding

The world of Death Stranding is the universe in which Death Stranding takes place. The world possesses a high degree of variance in both technologies and natural phenomena, encompassing a number of abnormal concepts that harmonize to form a unique and peculiar universe.



The Schwarzschild radius (top) and Dirac equation (bottom)

Two notable physics equations – relating to the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics – can be observed on metallic tags worn by Norman Reedus' character in promotional art:[1]

  1. The Schwarzschild radius is the radius of a sphere that possesses certain properties: If all the mass of an object is compressed within this sphere, the escape speed from the surface of the sphere would equal the speed of light. A well-researched example of an object smaller than its Schwarzschild radius is a black hole.
  2. The Dirac equation describes the behavior of fermions (e.g. electrons), taking special relativity into account. Simplified, it relates to the motion of matter that occupies spacetime. The equation implied the existence of antimatter.

A third equation can be found at the 1:35 mark in the reveal trailer, on Norman Reedus' character's leftmost tag: G_{\mu\nu}+{\Lambda}g_{\mu\nu}=8{\pi}T_{\mu\nu} (the Einstein tensor).[2] This is directly linked to general relativity, as Einstein's field equations serve as a general summary of the relation between matter and the geometry of spacetime.



A portable incubator capable of sustaining infants and consciously 'connecting' them to others on the fly

Technology in the world of Death Stranding appears to be heavily disjointed, with seemingly no consistency in terms of advancement being present. From World War II-esque fighter planes and combat rifles to biomechanical tanks and futuristic portable incubators, congruence in technological achievement, thus far, appears to be nonexistent.

The preservation of infants has been featured prominently in Death Stranding, with umbilical-like 'strands' being used to link adult humans to newborns under the apparent protection of the former. Additionally, these strands can be used to link to and command weaponized corpses.

The strand (or 'rope') in general has notable preeminence in the world of Death Stranding, with links and connections serving as a core concept in the game.


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